You’re Entrusted with Building a Memorable Member Experience

The ideal member experience builds loyalty, renewals, and referrals for your Club and its various programs. The best way to improve on these aspects of your club is to ask current members for their feedback, and then act upon those Compliments, Suggestions, and Problems which arise.

Done Right, Feedback Can Drive Member Satisfaction…which Fuels Renewal, Referrals and Ultimately, GrowthMember Satisfaction

From Social Media to Surveys to your Staff: Collecting, Organizing and Getting Actionable Feedback is a Challenge

Social Media
Members use Social Media sites as feedback tools and their issues are for everyone to see

  • Once a negative Post, Tweet, or Picture about your Club is posted on the countless number of social media sites, you and your staff spend time trying to put out the fire
  • It is an open wound that everyone can see, not just your members
  • These platforms were never designed for capturing member feedback


  • Online Surveys take too long, and ask unneeded questions
  • Anonymous feedback means you can’t go back to the member to ensure they are satisfied
  • Surveys don’t work well for gathering actionable feedback


  • Members report issues, but your staff forgets to report it
  • Staff can’t read a members’ hand written comments

OPEN-LINE Helps You Streamline the Member Feedback process

Specifically designed as an intuitive, easy to use, on-line feedback tool for you and your members.

  • Collects feedback and encourages communication digitally
  • Organizes feedback into one system to see all the issues
  • Feedback becomes part of the member culture
  • Becomes the de facto place for communication to happen for you and your members
  • Can help in the containment and damage control by getting members to communicate through OPEN-LINE versus using Social Media sites
  • Based on a patented concept,¹ OPEN-LINE uses simple yet sophisticated behavioral theories to monitor and improve the experiences your members have with your Club.

To view what OPEN-LINE looks like: Club Overview and Pricing for OPEN-LINE (Spring 2023)

OPEN-LINE Fits Into Your Budget

Although it is patented, incorporates leading-edge technologies, is customizable to your Club’s requirements, and represents significant value. OPEN-LINE is refreshingly affordable. Priced on an annual subscription basis. The cost is dependent on the number of member email addresses (Units) for your Club.

Member Emails Console Users Monthly Pricing (billed annually) Annual Pricing
Up to 500 3 $224 x 12 = $2688 $2464 *
Up to 1000 4 $339 x 12 = $4068 $3729 *
Up to 1500 5 $454 x 12 = $5448 $4994 *
Up to 2000 6 $569 x 12 = $6828 $6259*
2001 & up 7+ Custom Quote Custom Quote

* Pay the annual subscription in a single transaction and get 1 month free

OPEN-LINE Subscription Includes:

  • 60 Day Free Trial
  • Customized Set-up for Your Club
  • Live Online Console User Training
  • World-Class Technical and Customer Support (based in California)

Club-Wide Pricing & OPEN-LINE Contact

We understand each Club is somewhat unique; each having different programs and facilities to meet your members needs, so please contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your Club’s specific needs.

888.353.0918 ext. 703