Drive Member Satisfaction

“We are experiencing more and more members sending information through OPEN-LINE and that is making it a very valuable tool! We have opportunities to catch issues early, share compliments with staff and review reports with committees and our Board.” Lisa Tessaro – Director of Sales and Marketing – Del Rio Country Club

Digitally Reach-Out to members via OPEN-LINE and get real-time, actionable feedback on their experiences.

Let us show you how:


Done Right, Feedback Can Drive Member Satisfaction…
which Fuels Renewal, Referrals and Ultimately, Growth.

Confirm Perceived Value


Perceived value is a key component to member satisfaction and membership retention. Members tell you what you’re getting right and you can use them to solidify the staff’s best practices.

Improve Service Quality


Your member really wants you to get it right. Problems must really be viewed as opportunities. An opportunity to improve service quality, but also to repair and build – or re-build – relationships and win member loyalty.

Encourage Involvement


Besides ideas for improvements for your club, you get member involvement. Getting member suggestions encourages their involvement. An engaged member is a great opportunity to transform that member into a volunteer or your next committee member.

Here’s what our clients say about the OPEN-LINE solution:

“The ability to pivot the purpose of the OPEN-LINE tool for use during the COVID-19 pandemic was a game-changer for us! I so appreciate the ability to customize the check-ins to meet the needs of my YMCA.” Tammy Yates: Director, Business Systems Administration for Madison Area YMCA

OPEN-LINE Solutions


Over 200,000 YMCA members use OPEN-LINE monthly to convey actionable feedback to their Y. Let us help you streamline the Member Feedback process. Learn More

OPEN-LINE for Country Clubs

Club members are using OPEN-LINE to provide clear and concise feedback to their clubs. Let us help you streamline the Member Feedback process. Learn More


From Social Media to Surveys to your Staff. Collecting, Organizing and Getting Actionable Feedback is a Challenge. Let OPEN-LINE help streamline Your Feedback process. Learn More